Is German easy for an Indian to learn ?

It is very easy for Indians, as both German and any other Indian language belongs to Indo-European tree of language and hence there are always some similarities if you keenly observe. You can see that some vocabulary used in German language sounds very similar to its counterpart in Sanskrit language. In a nutshell : Yes, it's easy.

How fast can one learn German ?

It varies from person to person. However, with proper strategy and strong foundation in A1, learning becomes easier with each passing level and not difficult.

So keeping above things in mind, by investing only 7.5 hours a week, it will take around 5.5 months to complete up to B1 level starting from the scratch.

Is it necessary to know German before going to Germany for further education?

Necessary? Well it depends upon university admission requirement.

But should you learn it? Ans : definitely.


  1. Can apply to those universities which ask for German proficiency certificate
  2. Getting a part time job becomes easier (specially if you have done up till B1)
  3. You can socialize easily and make more friends
  4. Germans admire you when you communicate with them in their language.
  5. It makes a person more open minded and tolerant while learning language as with language he also learns a culture that might be entirely different from his own.