Our Approach

We endeavor to provide one step solution for all your language requirements. Be it German, English, French or Japanese. You do not only have the opportunity to learn a language with us, but also a unique chance to understand different cultures of the world with our unique concept of "language clubs" organized on weekends. Here we organize screenings of various movies and discussion as well as debates on multitudinal topics in different languages.

Our Story

Having visited different countries, we missed two things in Ahmedabad. First, a club for all those language-enthusiasts to discuss ideas with like-minded people & watch movies in a language they adore. Second, a single place where one learns different languages in an interactive and fun manner and not just a bookish way. That's when we decided to start a place-which is not only a language school,but also a language club -to satisfy both the urges that we dearly felt.

Meet Our Core Team Members

Vaidya Ronak

Founder & CEO

Before entering into academics, Mr. Vaidya has worked with multiple of German companies in various capacities. He has successfully trained more than a couple hundred students in last 4 years, having diverse backgrounds ranging from Doctors to Engineers to IT professionals, architects and simply language enthusiasts.

Nikunj Adroja

Sr. Student Visa Consultant

Mr. Adroja is currently residing in Germany & has one year of experience of working with a German company. He himself has gone through the process of Visa requirements and successfully meeting those in the recent time. He updates himself regularly with the new federal laws to be able to serve students better.

Mr. Kartik Koshti

Sr. German Trainer


Next Steps...

Contact us for more information about our services & about us. We look forward to get in touch with you.